Handsome Furs at Club Dada 8/27/11. What a fun show! Here I am with Alexei of Handsome Furs!

Got to see WU LYF in Los Angeles 7/26/11


Left work early Thursday and drove 4 hours to Austin to catch //TENSE// again. The show was held at a bear bar, Chain Drive. It was one of those bars that look scary from the outside and after arriving, having followed directions to get there, I was left wondering if I was at the right place. And if so, where the hell was the door?! I don't even think there was a sign designating it as the Chain Drive. So I waited in my car for someone to come and park, and watched them enter. I followed shortly after. Thank god I took that Friday off because I was so sick from alcohol the next day. Damn bartender was really nice - too nice, buying me shots. How do you politely refuse a shot that has already been poured and paid for? Anyway, I was in my hotel bed until 8pm or so the next night, still ill. But Thursday night was well worth it. I got to see Franccesca De Struct and Acid Queen perform live piercings, violent yet sensual 3/4 nude erotica complete with whips, gags and blood.

Afterwards, //TENSE//. Once again, great! It was quite a "fleshy" show! (I will leave it at that). Check out the video I put together from the footage I got. Raw energy, I love it!




Check out the Tomboyfriend website (click this link), go to "Music" and play Almost Always. The lyrics are something I could have never come up with - very creative.


I think this Bruce Haack video is cool - teenagers, gotta love 'em. Bruce Haack - electronic music pioneer.



Dark blast from the past. Ministry - Everyday Is Halloween.


Love this song. Golden Glow - Adore Me

Debut album available. There are also links to MySpace and Twitter. CLICK HERE

Here are some of the songs I currently am listening to:

Recharge & Revolt by The Raveonettes is just beautiful. I got to see them play in Dallas and it was their opener.


The home rough version of Closest by Tearist can be heard here, although I like the album version a little better. Very dark. Yasmine Kittles on stage is crazy (in a good way)! Don't stand too close or you might go home with a shiner complimments of a lead pipe.

PS I Love You - Leftovers (featuring Diamond Rings) and Facelove. I saw them at SXSW 2011 and was in awe of Paul Saulnier's guitar playing (while playing bass with his feet)!

//TENSE// Lead Head. As soon as I hear the bassline, my body just starts moving. It can be heard on their myspace page. The show at Rubber Gloves in Denton, TX 04.21.11 was seriously one of the best I had seen in a long time. It was raw, intense, sexy, semi-controlled chaos complete with blood. I was able to film one song before my Flip ran out of charge. Here is the video:


A pic of my buddy Roger, from Bleeding Gold Records, sporting his //TENSE// t-shirt at SXSW 2011. Aaah, good times. Check out the Bleeding Gold Blog for cool videos and updates on Bleeding Gold artists.

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