Left work early Thursday and drove 4 hours to Austin to catch //TENSE// again. The show was held at a bear bar, Chain Drive. It was one of those bars that look scary from the outside and after arriving, having followed directions to get there, I was left wondering if I was at the right place. And if so, where the hell was the door?! I don't even think there was a sign designating it as the Chain Drive. So I waited in my car for someone to come and park, and watched them enter. I followed shortly after. Thank god I took that Friday off because I was so sick from alcohol the next day. Damn bartender was really nice - too nice, buying me shots. How do you politely refuse a shot that has already been poured and paid for? Anyway, I was in my hotel bed until 8pm or so the next night, still ill. But Thursday night was well worth it. I got to see Franccesca De Struct and Acid Queen perform live piercings, violent yet sensual 3/4 nude erotica complete with whips, gags and blood.

Afterwards, //TENSE//. Once again, great! It was quite a "fleshy" show! (I will leave it at that). Check out the video I put together from the footage I got. Raw energy, I love it!





February 06, 2012 @09:11 am
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May 24, 2011 @06:10 am
love how someone yells "harder" at the girls!

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